Freedom to Create

Building Prosperous Nations

About Us

Freedom to Create’s core purpose is to promote good governance through supporting leaders, supporting governments, and supporting policy design and implementation. We will do this through partnerships with national and local leaders. We serve them with counsel, relationships and resources. Through our network of government experts, practitioners and researchers, we draw on the best talent to support the countries we work with.

Freedom to Create draws from the best practices of leadership, governance and public policy from countries worldwide. Freedom to Create’s main office is located in Singapore. A small but successful country, Singapore provides concrete evidence that wise leadership and sound policies can support the growth of an educated, empowered and diverse citizenry, and a thriving private sector. We strongly believe that if a tiny island-state with no resources can succeed, it is entirely possible for larger countries blessed with abundant resources, natural wealth, land and people to reach their full potential. While we take inspiration from Singapore, we are not part of the Singapore Government.

Our Team

Russell Low

Chief Executive Officer

Wu Wei Neng

Director of Research and Policy

Christopher Wong

Research Associate

Clarissa Li

Research Associate