Legal Structure


Stichting Freedom to Create (the ‘Foundation’) (RSIN/Fiscal No: 8565.01.256) is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve human well-being and quality of life. The Foundation operates by partnering with national leaders and government agencies to fund and effect projects that achieve positive transformation, predominantly in developing countries.

The Foundation believes that the world will be a more prosperous place if those living in developing countries are given the same living conditions and opportunities as people living in developed countries. The Foundation will seek to improve conditions within nations to create the social and economic environment in which individuals and their businesses can flourish.

ANBI Status

Stichting Freedom to Create has the Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen (‘ANBI’) status in the Netherlands. The ANBI status is applicable to charitable, religious, humanistic, cultural and scientific institutions that exist for the public good.

Policy Plan, Purposes & Activities

Through financial grants, research and advice, the Foundation works with national leaders and governments to improve conditions and to create opportunities. The specific objects of the Foundation are:

  • The resourcing and funding of Champions and leaders who, as exceptional individuals, can be agents to effect improvements in the quality of life, well-being, or economic status of their home nations;
  • The resourcing and funding of projects, groups and causes to support and develop Champions and leaders, with a strong moral code, to act and to lead with integrity and wisdom;
  • The resourcing and funding of projects, groups and causes which or who contribute to the development of stable, democratic and prosperous nations;
  • The funding of organisations and initiatives that promote justice, compassion, social harmony, democracy, nation building and human development;
  • The building of prosperous nations through the application of capital to projects seeking to develop cultural, human or institutional capital, or wealth and well-being; and
  • The development of trade links and the promotion of investment between nations.

The Foundation identities countries whose national leaders and government agencies are willing to engage in the improvement of their civil societies. It then identifies projects and opportunities within those countries.

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Board Composition & Remuneration Policy

The Foundation presently has two board members: Mr Richard Edward Douglas (Chairman) and Mr Peter Stuart Milnes (Secretary).

The board members will not be remunerated for their activities. However, they will be entitled to claim expenses reasonably incurred in the carrying out of their functions and they will also be allowed to claim reasonable attendance allowance (fee) for their activities which do not exceed limits as set out in Dutch tax law. These reimbursements and attendance allowance fees will be shown in the accounts of the Foundation. The board can also determine to reimburse a board member for reasonable expenses claim. These reimbursements will also be shown in the accounts of the Foundation.



The income from the capital will be used to realise its aims. The Foundation does not canvass for funds. The Foundation’s capital will be built up from donations, testamentary dispositions, settlements, legacies and gifts.

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Contact Information

The Foundation’s address is Level 2 TPI Building, 62 Cecil Street, Singapore 049710 and telephone number is +6564080141. The Foundation is registered with the Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 66337895.