Our Approach

Partnering with Leaders to Build National Prosperity

The Role of Freedom to Create

Where, and how, can Freedom to Create play a useful role in promoting and supporting this vision of good governance, and through this, ultimately support national prosperity?

Freedom to Create’s distinctive perspective on prosperity guides our actions. We believe that poverty cannot be solved, but that good governance can create the conditions and environment for long-term prosperity.

The success of a nation is not dependent on its natural resources, but the quality of its leadership. Good leaders are trusted and credible, and have the public support needed to make tough and occasionally unpopular decisions. They will also have the moral authority to call for social cohesion, and to maintain a diverse and tolerant society. Leaders who adopt “legacy thinking” and invest wisely in skills, talent and assets build a strong nation for the next generation.

Good governments will free up commerce and trade to drive economic development by improving the ease of doing business and enforcing property rights on the one hand, while regulating economic activities fairly and consistently on the other. Sound policies will strengthen the middle class, while fostering social mobility and providing opportunities for every citizen to maximise their potential.

Freedom to Create will hence promote good governance through supporting leaders, supporting governments, and supporting policy design and implementation. We will do this through partnerships with national leaders, and working alongside experienced practitioners and experts.

We serve countries with
counsel, relationships and resources.


We facilitate planning by advising leaders so that they can articulate their vision and strategies for a prosperous society. We help them to train younger leaders to carry the baton forward in the next generation.


We connect national leaders to our network of investment, academic and philanthropic relationships, assist in appointing qualified experts and advisors, and promote collaboration between countries with common goals.


We provide grants in strategic areas that catalyse transformation in nations. We help governments clarify national priorities and identify policy alternatives, so as to help them make the best decisions.

Freedom to Create does not seek to replace or interfere with the functioning of a country’s institutions and domestic processes. We work only with the support and blessings of national or local leaders, and in collaboration with the relevant government agencies and officers. Ultimately, our mandate must come from our ability to perform well and support government leaders and agencies.

Serving with Sensitivity and a Duty of Care

Sensitivity means being attuned to the local context, cultures, history, socio-political environment and norms of the communities and countries that we work with.

True sensitivity does not come from abstract theories, or even from genuine sympathy for others in need. It comes from deep immersion and engagement: seeking to understand holistically through long term dialogue and direct experience, while creating solutions and producing value together with our partners in government, the private sector, and society at large.

A duty of care represents Freedom to Create’s commitment to rigour, objectivity and honesty.

While we cannot claim to have perfect solutions, we will do our best to abstain from abstract or overly theoretical reports or recommendations that have little basis in reality. We will seek solutions and proposals that are grounded in rigorous data and research, that are not swayed by our personal biases or agendas, and that are explained in a practical, implementable manner.

We will remember that our primary partners and stakeholders are public servants around the world who face many daily challenges, and who are practitioners of governance.

Operating in the World We Have, Not the World We Wish For

In a perfect world, where all countries have highly qualified, well-resourced and energetic governments with sound vision and principles, most public policy challenges can be quickly and efficiently resolved through the design and implementation of sound laws and programmes.

But the real world is very different: governments often cannot attract all the skills and talent they need. Resources and finances are perpetually inadequate, relative to urgent and important needs. Often, corruption and wastage are rife, preventing the effective implementation of well-intentioned programmes. People and firms may not respond or behave as expected, and often deliberately block or derail changes they oppose.

At Freedom to Create, we believe that these unique and important factors vary from country to country. There is no “one size fits all” model for national development or to achieve the Prosperity Flower’s outcomes.

We operate in countries managed by governments and made up of people. We can never avoid coming into contact with politics, corruption and vested interests. The question we ask is: how can we operate effectively to achieve our goal of meaningful, structural change, in such a world?

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