Our Focus

Leadership and Governance

Wise Leadership

Public leadership is different from private sector leadership in critical ways. Government leaders are called upon to serve an entire nation, and balance many more competing objectives and trade-offs. Paradoxically, as the challenge of government becomes more pressing and complex, government leaders do not always have the necessary training, support and development opportunities to succeed in their heavy responsibilities.

Discover how wise national leaders propel their countries forward.

Effective Governance

Strong institutions with good values undergird and support public policy design and implementation. Professional, qualified and non-corrupt organisations will better earn public trust, provide stable policy and operational performance even as leaders come and go, and ensure that the goals and direction of political leaders are effectively translated into concrete measures, interventions and results on the ground.

Learn about how policies supporting a strong middle class promote national prosperity.

Flourishing Nations

A flourishing nation is not merely financially wealthy. Its most important and valuable asset is its active, empowered and creative citizens, supplemented with talent from abroad. Its national values of tolerance, fairness and inclusivity allow different faiths and cultures to feel at home, while both physical infrastructure and social systems like healthcare and education support the growth of a strong and robust middle class.

Learn about Freedom to Create’s holistic framework for nation building.