Shaping Cities, Transforming Nations

Jul 31, 2017 | Global, Policy Think Piece

“Our cities’ gleaming spires point to the greatness that mankind can achieve, but also to our hubris.”

Edward Glaeser

Professor of Economics at Harvard University

The Role of Cities in Nation Building

There can be no question of the importance of cities today. Cities produce the people, economic resources, businesses, art, universities, political policies, research and development, and culture that shape and define our modern society. Our world’s economic wealth, technological innovation, and cultural development hinge on the proper development of cities. The growing importance of cities coincides with the unprecedented expansion of the global middle class. Together, both act as drivers of prosperity and progress.

Cities have long stood as powerful centres of cultural development, influence and innovation. Today, more people live in cities than at any other time in human history. If we wish to transform a nation, we must first shape its cities.